Koha::BiblioUtils - contains fundamental biblio-related functions


This contains functions for normal operations on biblio records.

Note: really, C4::Biblio does the main functions, but the Koha namespace is the new thing that should be used.



    my $biblio = Koha::BiblioUtils->new($marc_record, [$biblionumber]);

Creates an instance of Koha::BiblioUtils based on the marc record. If known, the biblionumber can be provided too.


    my $biblio = Koha::BiblioUtils->get_from_biblionumber($biblionumber, %options);

This will give you an instance of Koha::BiblioUtils that is the biblio that you requested.

Options are:


If true, then the item data will be merged into the record when it's loaded.

It will return undef if the biblio doesn't exist.


    my $it = Koha::BiblioUtils->get_all_biblios_iterator();

This will provide an iterator object that will, one by one, provide the Koha::BiblioUtils of each biblio. This will include the item data.

The iterator is a Koha::MetadataIterator object.


    my $marc = Koha::BiblioUtils->get_marc_biblio($bibnum, %options);

This non-class function fetches the MARC::Record for the given biblio number. Nothing is returned if the biblionumber couldn't be found (or it somehow has no MARC data.)

Options are:


If set to true, item data is embedded in the record. Default is to not do this.