membership_expiry.pl - cron script to put membership expiry reminders into the message queue


./membership_expiry.pl -c

or, in crontab:

0 1 * * * membership_expiry.pl -c


This script sends membership expiry reminder notices to patrons. It queues them in the message queue, which is processed by the process_message_queue.pl cronjob.



Print a brief help message and exits.


Prints the manual page and exits.


Verbose. Without this flag set, only fatal errors are reported.


Do not send any email. Membership expire notices that would have been sent to the patrons are printed to standard out.


Confirm flag: Add this option. The script will only print a usage statement otherwise.


The content of the messages is configured in Tools -> Notices and slips. Use the MEMBERSHIP_EXPIRY notice.

Typically, messages are prepared for each patron when the memberships are going to expire.

These emails are staged in the outgoing message queue, as are messages produced by other features of Koha. This message queue must be processed regularly by the misc/cronjobs/process_message_queue.pl program.

In the event that the -n flag is passed to this program, no emails are sent. Instead, messages are sent on standard output from this program.

Notices can contain variables enclosed in double angle brackets like <<this>>. Those variables will be replaced with values specific to the soon expiring members. Available variables are:


any field from the borrowers table


any field from the branches table