C4::Log - Koha Log Facility functions


  use C4::Log;


The functions in this module perform various functions in order to log all the operations done on the Database, including deleting and undeleting books, adding/editing members, etc.


  &logaction($modulename, $actionname, $objectnumber, $infos);

Adds a record into action_logs table to report the different changes upon the database. Each log entry includes the number of the user currently logged in. For batch jobs, which operate without authenticating a user and setting up a session, the user number is set to 0, which is the same as the superlibrarian's number.


Convenience routine to add a record into action_logs table from a cron job. Logs the path and name of the calling script plus the information privided by param $infos.

  $status = GetLogStatus;

$status is a hasref like this example: $hash = { BorrowersLog => 1, CataloguingLog => 0, IssueLog => 0, ... }

  &displaylog($modulename, @filters);
  $modulename is the name of the module on which the user wants to display logs
  @filters is an optional table of hash containing :
      - name : the name of the variable to filter
    - value : the value of the filter.... May be with * joker

returns a table of hash containing who did what on which object at what time


$logs = GetLogs($datefrom,$dateto,$user,\@modules,$action,$object,$info);

Return: $logs is a ref to a hash which containts all columns from action_logs


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