C4::Output - Functions for managing output, is slowly being deprecated



FormatData($data_hashref) $data_hashref is a ref to data to format

Format dates of data those dates are assumed to contain date in their noun Could be used in order to centralize all the formatting for HTML output

   pagination_bar($base_url, $nb_pages, $current_page, $startfrom_name)

Build an HTML pagination bar based on the number of page to display, the current page and the url to give to each page link.

$base_url is the URL for each page link. The $startfrom_name=page_number is added at the end of the each URL.

$nb_pages is the total number of pages available.

$current_page is the current page number. This page number won't become a link.

This function returns HTML, without any language dependency.

   &output_with_http_headers($query, $cookie, $data, $content_type[, $status])

Outputs $data with the appropriate HTTP headers, the authentication cookie $cookie and a Content-Type specified in $content_type.

If applicable, $cookie can be undef, and it will not be sent.

$content_type is one of the following: 'html', 'js', 'json', 'xml', 'rss', or 'atom'.

$status is an HTTP status message, like '403 Authentication Required'. It defaults to '200 OK'.


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