Koha::Calendar - Object containing a branches calendar


This documentation refers to Koha::Calendar version 0.0.1


  use Koha::Calendat

  my $c = Koha::Calender->new( branchcode => 'MAIN' );
  my $dt = DateTime->now();

  # are we open
  $open = $c->is_holiday($dt);
  # when will item be due if loan period = $dur (a DateTime::Duration object)
  $duedate = $c->addDate($dt,$dur,'days');


  Implements those features of C4::Calendar needed for Staffs Rolling Loans


new : Create a calendar object

my $calendar = Koha::Calendar->new( branchcode => 'MAIN' );

The option branchcode is required


    my $dt = $calendar->addDate($date, $dur, $unit)

$date is a DateTime object representing the starting date of the interval.

$offset is a DateTime::Duration to add to it

$unit is a string value 'days' or 'hours' toflag granularity of duration

Currently unit is only used to invoke Staffs return Monday at 10 am rule this parameter will be removed when issuingrules properly cope with that


$yesno = $calendar->is_holiday($dt);

passed at DateTime object returns 1 if it is a closed day 0 if not according to the calendar


$duration = $calendar->days_between($start_dt, $end_dt);

Passed two dates returns a DateTime::Duration object measuring the length between them ignoring closed days. Always returns a positive number irrespective of the relative order of the parameters


For testing only allows the calling script to change days mode


In test mode changes the testing set of closed days to a new set with no closed days. TODO passing an array of closed days to this would allow testing of more configurations


Passed a datetime object this will add it to the calendar's list of closed days. This is for testing so that we can alter the Calenfar object's list of specified dates


Will croak if not passed a branchcode in new


This only contains a limited subset of the functionality in C4::Calendar Only enough to support Staffs Rolling loans


Colin Campbell colin.campbell@ptfs-europe.com


Copyright (c) 2011 PTFS-Europe Ltd All rights reserved

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