my($theme, $module) = @$spec;
   my $pid = fork;
   die "fork: $!\n" unless defined $pid;
   if (!$pid) {

      # If current directory is translator/po instead of translator,
      # then go back to the parent
      if ($chdir_needed_p) {
         chdir('..') || die "..: cd: $!\n";

      # Now call tmpl_process3.pl to do the real work
      # Traditionally, the pot file should be named PACKAGE.pot
      # (for Koha probably something like koha_intranet_css.pot),
      # but this is not Koha's convention.
      my $target = "po/${theme}_${module}" . ($pot_p? ".pot": "_$lang.po");
      rename($target, "$target~") if $pot_p;
      exec('./tmpl_process3.pl', ($pot_p? 'create': 'update'),
            '-i', "../../koha-tmpl/$module-tmpl/$theme/en/",
            '-s', $target, '-r');

      die "tmpl_process3.pl: exec: $!\n";