C4::Maintenance - Koha catalog maintenance functions


  use C4::Maintenance;


The functions in this module perform various catalog-maintenance functions, including deleting and undeleting books, fixing miscategorized items, etc.



  ($count, $results) = &listsubjects($subject, $n, $offset);

Finds the subjects that begin with $subject in the bibliosubject table of the Koha database.

&listsubjects returns a two-element array. $results is a reference-to-array, in which each element is a reference-to-hash giving information about the given subject. $count is the number of elements in @{$results}.

Probably the only interesting field in $results-[$i]> is subject, the subject in question.

&listsubject returns up to $n items, starting at $offset. If $n is 0, it will return all matching subjects.


  &shiftgroup($biblionumber, $biblioitemnumber);

Changes the biblionumber associated with a given biblioitem. $biblioitemnumber is the number of the biblioitem to change. $biblionumber is the biblionumber to associate it with.


  ($count, $results) = &deletedbib($title);

Looks up deleted books whose title begins with $title.

&deletedbib returns a two-element list. $results is a reference-to-array; each element is a reference-to-hash whose keys are the fields of the deletedbiblio table in the Koha database. $count is the number of elements in $results.



Undeletes a book. &undeletebib looks up the book with the given biblionumber in the deletedbiblio table of the Koha database, and moves its entry to the biblio table.


  &updatetype($biblioitemnumber, $itemtype);

Changes the type of the item with the given biblioitemnumber to be $itemtype.


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