C4::Breeding : module to add biblios to import_records via the breeding/reservoir API.


    use C4::Scan;

    C<$marcrecord> => the MARC::Record
    C<$overwrite_biblio> => if set to 1 a biblio with the same ISBN will be overwritted.
                                if set to 0 a biblio with the same isbn will be ignored (the previous will be kept)
                                if set to -1 the biblio will be added anyway (more than 1 biblio with the same ISBN 
                                possible in the breeding
    C<$encoding> => USMARC
                        or UNIMARC. used for char_decoding.
                        If not present, the parameter marcflavour is used instead
    C<$z3950random> => the random value created during a z3950 search result.


    ImportBreeding import MARC records in the reservoir (import_records/import_batches tables).
    the records can be properly encoded or not, we try to reencode them in utf-8 if needed.
    works perfectly with BNF server, that sends UNIMARC latin1 records. Should work with other servers too.



        TODO description


($count, @results) = &BreedingSearch($title,$isbn,$random); $title contains the title, $isbn contains isbn or issn, $random contains the random seed from a z3950 search.

$count is the number of items in @results. @results is an array of references-to-hash; the keys are the items from the import_records and import_biblios tables of the Koha database.