my $biblionumber_aref = GetBibsWithPendingHoldRequests();

Return an arrayref of the biblionumbers of all bibs that have one or more unfilled hold requests.


my $requests = GetPendingHoldRequestsForBib($biblionumber);

Returns an arrayref of hashrefs to pending, unfilled hold requests on the bib identified by $biblionumber. The following keys are present in each hashref:

biblionumber borrowernumber itemnumber priority branchcode reservedate reservenotes borrowerbranch

The arrayref is sorted in order of increasing priority.


my $available_items = GetItemsAvailableToFillHoldRequestsForBib($biblionumber);

Returns an arrayref of items available to fill hold requests for the bib identified by $biblionumber. An item is available to fill a hold request if and only if:

* it is not on loan * it is not withdrawn * it is not marked notforloan * it is not currently in transit * it is not lost * it is not sitting on the hold shelf


MapItemsToHoldRequests($hold_requests, $available_items);




Query system preferences to get ordered list of branches to use to fill hold requests.