C4::Suggestions - Some useful functions for dealings with suggestions.


use C4::Suggestions;


The functions in this module deal with the suggestions in OPAC and in librarian interface

A suggestion is done in the OPAC. It has the status "ASKED"

When a librarian manages the suggestion, he can set the status to "REJECTED" or "ACCEPTED".

When the book is ordered, the suggestion status becomes "ORDERED"

When a book is ordered and arrived in the library, the status becomes "AVAILABLE"

All suggestions of a borrower can be seen by the borrower itself. Suggestions done by other borrowers can be seen when not "AVAILABLE"



(\@array) = &SearchSuggestion($user,$author,$title,$publishercode,$status,$suggestedbyme,$branchcode)

searches for a suggestion

return : \@array : the suggestions found. Array of hash. Note the status is stored twice : * in the status field * as parameter ( for example ASKED => 1, or REJECTED => 1) . This is for template & translation purposes.


\%sth = &GetSuggestion($suggestionid)

this function get the detail of the suggestion $suggestionid (input arg)

return : the result of the SQL query as a hash : $sth->fetchrow_hashref.


$suggestionid = &GetSuggestionFromBiblionumber($dbh,$biblionumber)

Get a suggestion from it's biblionumber.

return : the id of the suggestion which is related to the biblionumber given on input args.


$suggestions = &GetSuggestionByStatus($status,[$branchcode])

Get a suggestion from it's status

return : all the suggestion with $status



Count the number of suggestions with the status given on input argument. the arg status can be :

return : the number of suggestion with this status.



Insert a new suggestion on database with value given on input arg.



Modify the status (status can be 'ASKED', 'ACCEPTED', 'REJECTED', 'ORDERED') and send a mail to notify the user that did the suggestion.

Note that there is no function to modify a suggestion : only the status can be modified, thus the name of the function.



connect a suggestion to an existing biblio



Delete a suggestion. A borrower can delete a suggestion only if he is its owner.


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