C4::Output - Functions for managing templates


   pagination_bar($base_url, $nb_pages, $current_page, $startfrom_name)

Build an HTML pagination bar based on the number of page to display, the current page and the url to give to each page link.

$base_url is the URL for each page link. The $startfrom_name=page_number is added at the end of the each URL.

$nb_pages is the total number of pages available.

$current_page is the current page number. This page number won't become a link.

This function returns HTML, without any language dependency.

   &output_html_with_http_headers($query, $cookie, $html[, $content_type])

Outputs the HTML page $html with the appropriate HTTP headers, with the authentication cookie $cookie and a Content-Type that corresponds to the HTML page $html.

If the optional $content_type parameter is called, set the response's Content-Type to that value instead of "text/html".


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