opac-rss.pl : script to have RSS feeds automatically on each OPAC search


on each query (on OPAC), a link to this script is automatically added. The user can save it's queries as RSS feeds. This script :

  - build the RDF file from the query
  - save the RDF file in a opac/rss directory for caching : the RDF is calculated only once every 30mn, and the cache file name is calculated by a md5_base64 of the query (each user registering the same query will use the same cache : speed improvement)
  - let the user specify it's query (q parameter : opac-rss.pl?q=ti:hugo)
  - let the user specify the number of results returned (by default 20, but there are no limits : opac-rss.pl?q=ti:hugo&size=9999)

This script auto calculates the website URL

the RDF contains :

  - Koha: $query as RSS title
  - Koha as subject
  - LibraryName systempreference as RDF description and creator
  - copyright currentyear
  - biblio title as RSS "title" and biblio author as RSS description


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