Koha::Plugins - Module for loading and managing plugins.


This will return a list of all available plugins, optionally limited by method or metadata value.

    my @plugins = Koha::Plugins::GetPlugins({
        method => 'some_method',
        metadata => { some_key => 'some_value' },

The method and metadata parameters are optional. Available methods currently are: 'report', 'tool', 'to_marc', 'edifact'. If you pass multiple keys in the metadata hash, all keys must match.



This method iterates through all plugins physically present on a system. For each plugin module found, it will test that the plugin can be loaded, and if it can, will store its available methods in the plugin_methods table.

NOTE: We re-load all plugins here as a protective measure in case someone has removed a plugin directly from the system without using the UI


Kyle M Hall <kyle.m.hall@gmail.com>