Koha::IssuingRules - Koha IssuingRule Object set class


Class Methods


my $can_place_a_hold_at_item_level = Koha::IssuingRules->get_opacitemholds_policy( { patron => $patron, item => $item } );

Return 'Y' or 'F' if the patron can place a hold on this item according to the issuing rules and the "Item level holds" (opacitemholds). Can be 'N' - Don't allow, 'Y' - Allow, and 'F' - Force


    my $on_shelf_holds = Koha::IssuingRules->get_onshelfholds_policy({ item => $item, patron => $patron });


    Return rules that allow article requests, optionally filtered by
    patron categorycode.

    Use with care; see guess_article_requestable_itemtypes.


    Return item types in a hashref that are likely possible to be
    'article requested'. Constructed by an intelligent guess in the
    issuing rules (see article_requestable_rules).

    Note: pref ArticleRequestsLinkControl overrides the algorithm.

    Optional parameters: categorycode.

    Note: the routine is used in opac-search to obtain a reasonable
    estimate within performance borders (not looking at all items but
    just using default itemtype). Also we are not looking at the
    branchcode here, since home or holding branch of the item is
    leading and branch may be unknown too (anonymous opac session).