rebuild_elasticsearch.pl - inserts records from a Koha database into Elasticsearch


rebuild_elasticsearch.pl [-c|--commit=count] [-v|--verbose] [-h|--help] [--man]


Inserts records from a Koha database into Elasticsearch.



Specify how many records will be batched up before they're added to Elasticsearch. Higher should be faster, but will cause more RAM usage. Default is 5000.


Delete the index and recreate it before indexing.


Index the authorities only. Combining this with -b is the same as specifying neither and so both get indexed.


Index the biblios only. Combining this with -a is the same as specifying neither and so both get indexed.


Only index the supplied biblionumber, mostly for testing purposes. May be repeated. This also applies to authorities via authid, so if you're using it, you probably only want to do one or the other at a time.


Number of processes to use for indexing. This can be used to do more indexing work in parallel on multicore systems. By default, a single process is used.


By default, this program only emits warnings and errors. This makes it talk more. Add more to make it even more wordy, in particular when debugging.




Full documentation.




    _verify_index_state($Koha::SearchEngine::Elasticsearch::BIBLIOS_INDEX, 1);

Checks the index state and recreates it if requested.


    _do_reindex($callback, $Koha::SearchEngine::Elasticsearch::BIBLIOS_INDEX);

Does the actual reindexing. $callback is a function that always returns the next record. For each index we iterate through the records, committing at specified count



Checks some basic stuff to ensure that it's sane before we start.


Parse the return from update_index and display errors depending on verbosity of the script


    _log($level, "Message\n");

Output progress information.

Will output the message if verbosity level is set to $level or more. Will not include a trailing newline automatically.