labels/label-create-pdf.pl - A script for creating a pdf export of labels and label batches in Koha


This script provides the means of producing a pdf of labels for items either individually, in groups, or in batches from within Koha.


This script is intended to be called as a cgi script although it could be easily modified to accept command line parameters. The script accepts four single parameters and two "multiple" parameters as follows:

    C<batch_id>         A single valid batch id to export.
    C<template_id>      A single valid template id to be applied to the current export. This parameter is manditory.
    C<layout_id>        A single valid layout id to be applied to the current export. This parameter is manditory.
    C<start_label>      The number of the label on which to begin the export. This parameter is optional.
    C<lable_ids>        A single valid label id to export. Multiple label ids may be submitted to export multiple labels.
    C<item_numbers>     A single valid item number to export. Multiple item numbers may be submitted to export multiple items.

NOTE: One of the batch_id, label_ids, or item_number parameters is manditory. However, do not pass a combination of them or bad things might result.



Chris Nighswonger <cnighswonger AT foundations DOT edu>


Copyright 2009 Foundations Bible College.


This file is part of Koha.

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