longoverdue.pl cron script to set lost statuses on overdue materials. Execute without options for help.


   longoverdue.pl [ --help | -h | --man | --list-categories ]
   longoverdue.pl --lost | -l DAYS=LOST_CODE [ --charge | -c CHARGE_CODE ] [ --verbose | -v ] [ --quiet ]
                  [ --maxdays MAX_DAYS ] [ --mark-returned ] [ --category BORROWER_CATEGORY ] ...
                  [ --skip-category BORROWER_CATEGORY ] ...
                  [ --commit ]

WARNING: Flippant use of this script could set all or most of the items in your catalog to Lost and charge your patrons for them!

WARNING: This script is known to be faulty. It is NOT recommended to use multiple --lost options. See http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=2883


This script takes the following parameters :

--lost | -l

This option takes the form of n=lv, where n is num days overdue, and lv is the lost value. See warning above.

--charge | -c

This specifies what lost value triggers Koha to charge the account for the lost item. Replacement costs are not charged if this is not specified.

--verbose | -v



confirm. without this option, the script will report the number of affected items and return without modifying any records.


suppress summary output.


Specifies the end of the range of overdue days to deal with (defaults to 366). This value is universal to all lost num days overdue passed.


When an item is marked lost, remove it from the borrowers issued items.


Act on the listed borrower category code (borrowers.categorycode). Exclude all others. This may be specified multiple times to include multiple categories. May not be used with --skip-category


Act on all available borrower category codes, except those listed. This may be specified multiple times, to exclude multiple categories. May not be used with --category


List borrower categories available for use by --category or --skip-category, and exit.

--help | -h

Display short help message an exit.

--man | --manual

Display entire manual and exit.


This cron script set lost values on overdue items and optionally sets charges the patron's account for the item's replacement price. It is designed to be run as a nightly job. The command line options that globally define this behavior for this script will likely be moved into Koha's core circulation / issuing rules code in a near-term release, so this script is not intended to have a long lifetime.


  $PERL5LIB/misc/cronjobs/longoverdue.pl --lost 30=1
    Would set LOST=1 after 30 days (up to one year), but not charge the account.
    This would be suitable for the Koha default LOST authorized value of 1 -> 'Lost'.

  $PERL5LIB/misc/cronjobs/longoverdue.pl --lost 60=2 --charge 2
    Would set LOST=2 after 60 days (up to one year), and charge the account when setting LOST=2.
    This would be suitable for the Koha default LOST authorized value of 2 -> 'Long Overdue'