Script to perform various authority related maintenance tasks. This version supports deleting an authority record and updating all linked biblio records. Furthermore it supports merging authority records with one reference record, and updating all linked biblio records. It also allows you to force a renumber, i.e. save the authid into field 001.


update_authorities.pl -c -authid 1,2,3 -delete

update_authorities.pl -c -authid 1 -authid 2 -authid 3 -delete

update_authorities.pl -c -authid 1,2 -merge -reference 3

update_authorities.pl -c -merge -reference 4

update_authorities.pl -c -authid 1,2,3 -renumber


authid: List authority numbers separated by commas or repeat the parameter.

confirm: Needed to commit changes.

delete: Delete the listed authority numbers and remove its references from linked biblio records.

merge: Merge the passed authid's into reference and update all linked biblio records. If you do not pass authid's, the linked biblio records of reference will be updated only.

renumber: Save authid into field 001.


Marcel de Rooy, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, The Netherlands