fix_accountlines_date.pl - Fix date code in the description of fines


fix_accountlines_date.pl -m date_format [ -n fines_to_process ] [ -d ] [ --help or -h ]

   --help or -h                Brief usage message
   --man                       Full documentation
   -n fines_to_process         How many fines to process; if left off will
                               process all
   -m date_format              What format the dates are currently in; 'us'
                               or 'metric' (REQUIRED)
   -d                          Run in debugging mode


This script fixes the date code in the description of fines. Previously, the format of this was determined by which script you were using to update fines (see the -m option)


Prints a brief usage message and exits.


Prints a full manual page and exits.


Process only a certain amount of fines. If this option is left off, this script will process everything.


This required option tells the script what format your dates are currently in. If you were previously using the fines2.pl or fines-sanop.pl script to update your fines, they will be in 'metric' format. If you were using the fines-ll.pl script, they will be in 'us' format. After this script is finished, they will be in whatever format your 'dateformat' system preference specifies.


Run in debugging mode; this prints out a lot of information and should be used only if there is a problem and with the '-n' option.