import_patrons.pl - CLI script to import patrons data into Koha


import_patrons.pl --file /path/to/patrons.csv --matchpoint cardnumber --confirm [--default branchcode=MPL] [--overwrite] [--preserve-extended-attributes] [--verbose]



Prints a brief help message and exits


Confirms you really want to import these patrons, otherwise prints this help


Path to the CSV file of patrons to import


Field on which to match incoming patrons to existing patrons


Set defaults to patron fields, repeatable e.g. --default branchcode=MPL --default categorycode=PT


Overwrite existing patrons with new data if a match is found


Retain extended patron attributes for existing patrons being overwritten


Be verbose

Multiple -v options increase the verbosity

2 repetitions or above will report lines in error

3 repetitions or above will report feedback