update_dbix_class_files.pl [--koha-conf <path>] --db_name=db-name \
                            --db_user=db-user --db_passwd=db-pass ...

The command in usually called from the root directory for the Koha source tree. If you are running from another directory, use the --path switch to specify a different path.


--koha-conf <path>

Path to koha-conf.xml from which DB connection params will be retrieved.

<path> is optional and defaults to the value of environment variable KOHA_CONF, if set. It is an error to omit the <path> if KOHA_CONF is not set.

Any --db_* options will override values retrieved from <path>.


DB name. (mandatory)


DB user name.


DB password.


DB driver to be used. (defaults to 'mysql')


hostname for the DB server. (defaults to 'localhost')


port number for the DB server. (defaults to '3306')


path into which create the schema files. (defaults to './')


prints this help text