TalkingTech_itiva_outbound.pl --type=OVERDUE -w 0 -w 2 -w 6 --output=/tmp/talkingtech/outbound.csv
  TalkingTech_itiva_outbound.pl --type=RESERVE --type=PREOVERDUE --lang=FR

Script to generate Spec C outbound notifications file for Talking Tech i-tiva phone notification system.

--help -h

Prints this help


Provide verbose log information.

--output -o

Destination for outbound notifications file (CSV format). If no value is specified, output is dumped to screen.


Sets the language for all outbound messages. Currently supported values are EN, FR and ES. If no value is specified, EN will be used by default.


REQUIRED. Sets which messaging types are to be used. Can be given multiple times, to specify multiple types in a single output file. Currently supported values are RESERVE, PREOVERDUE and OVERDUE. If no value is given, this script will not produce any outbound notifications.

--waiting-hold-day -w

OPTIONAL for --type=RESERVE. Sets the days after a hold has been set to waiting on which to call. Use switch as many times as desired. For example, passing "-w 0 -w 2 -w 6" will cause calls to be placed on the day the hold was set to waiting, 2 days after the waiting date, and 6 days after. See example above. If this switch is not used with --type=RESERVE, calls will be placed every day until the waiting reserve is picked up or canceled.

--library-code --code -c

OPTIONAL The code of the source library of the message. The library code is used to group notices together for consortium purposes and apply library specific settings, such as prompts, to those notices. This field can be blank if all messages are from a single library.

--patron-branchcode --pb


Limits the the patrons to generate notices for based on the patron's home library. Items and holds from other libraries will still be included for the given patron.