gather_print_notices - Print waiting print notices


gather_print_notices output_directory [-s|--split] [--html] [--csv] [--ods] [--letter_code=LETTER_CODE] [-e|--email=your_email@example.org] [-h|--help]

Will print all waiting print notices to the output_directory.

The generated filename will be notices-TODAY.[csv|html|ods] or notices-TODAY-BRANCHCODE.[csv|html|ods] if the --split parameter is given.



Define the output directory where the files will be generated.


After files have been generated, messages status is changed from 'pending' to 'sent'. This is the default action, without this parameter or with --send. Using --nosend, the message status is not changed.


Split messages into separate files by borrower home library to OUTPUT_DIRECTORY/notices-CURRENT_DATE-BRANCHCODE.[csv|html|ods]


Generate the print notices in a html file (default is --html, if --csv and --ods are not given).


Generate the print notices in a csv file. If you use this parameter, the template should contain 2 lines. The first one the csv headers and the second one the value list.

For example: cardnumber:patron:email:item <<borrowers.cardnumber>>:<<borrowers.firstname>> <<borrowers.surname>>:<<borrowers.email>>:<<items.barcode>>

You have to combine this option with one (and only one) letter_code.


Generate the print notices in a ods file.

This is the same as the csv parameter but using csv2odf to generate an ods file instead of a csv file.


Filter print messages by letter_code. Several letter_code parameters can be given.


Repeatable. E-mail address to send generated files to.


Print a brief help message


Jesse Weaver <pianohacker@gmail.com>

Jonathan Druart <jonathan.druart@biblibre.com>


Copyright 2009 Jesse Weaver

Copyright 2014 BibLibre

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