cloud-kw.pl - Creates HTML keywords clouds from Koha Zebra Indexes


cloud-kw.pl [--verbose|--help] --conf=cloud.conf

Creates multiple HTML files containing kewords cloud with top terms sorted by their logarithmic weight. cloud.conf is a YAML configuration file driving cloud generation process.


--conf=configuration file

Specify configuration file name


Enable script verbose mode.


Print this help page.


Configuration file looks like that:

  # Koha configuration file for a specific installation
  # If not present, defaults to KOHA_CONF
  KohaConf: /home/koha/mylibray/etc/koha-conf.xml
  # Zebra index to scan
  ZebraIndex: Author
  # Koha index used to link found kewords with an opac search URL
  KohaIndex: au
  # Number of top keyword to use for the cloud
  Count: 50
  # Include CSS style directives with the cloud
  # This could be used as a model and then CSS directives are
  # put in the appropriate CSS file directly.
  Withcss: Yes
  # HTML file where to output the cloud
  Output: /home/koha/mylibrary/koharoot/koha-tmpl/cloud-author.html
  KohaConf: /home/koha/yourlibray/etc/koha-conf.xml
  ZebraIndex: Subject
  KohaIndex: su
  Count: 200
  Withcss: no
  Output: /home/koha/yourlibrary/koharoot/koha-tmpl/cloud-subject.html


Generated top terms have more informations than those outputted from the time being. Some parameters could be easily added to improve this script:


In order to output terms with the number of occurrences they have been found in Koha Catalogue by Zebra.


Number of levels in the cloud. Now 24 levels are hardcoded.


Weighting method used to distribute terms in the cloud. We could have two values: Logarithmic and Linear. Now it's Logarithmic by default.


Now terms are outputted in the lexical order. They could be sorted by their weight.