check-url-quick.pl - Check URLs from biblio records


check-url-quick [--verbose|--help|--html] [--tags 310 856] [--host=http://default.tld] [--host-intranet]

Scan all URLs found by default in 856$u of bib records and display if resources are available or not. HTTP requests are sent in parallel for efficiency, and speed. This script replaces check-url.pl script.



Server host used when URL doesn't have one, ie doesn't begin with 'http:'. For example, if --host=http://www.mylib.com, then when 856$u contains 'img/image.jpg', the url checked is: http://www.mylib.com/image.jpg'.


Tags containing URLs in $u subfields. If not provided, 856 tag is checked. Multiple tags can be specified, for example:

 check-url-quick.pl --tags 310 410 856

Outputs both successful and failed URLs.


Formats output in HTML. The result can be redirected to a file accessible by http. This way, it's possible to link directly to biblio record in edit mode. With this parameter --host-intranet is required.


Server host used to link to biblio record editing page in Koha intranet interface.


Timeout for fetching URLs. By default 10 seconds.


Number of simulaneous HTTP requests. By default 200 connexions.


Print this help page.