This plugin is used to map isbn/editor with collection. It need : in thesaurus, a category named EDITORS in this category, datas must be entered like following : isbn separator editor separator collection. for example : 2204 -- Cerf -- Cogitatio fidei 2204 -- Cerf -- Le Magistere de l'Eglise 2204 -- Cerf -- Lectio divina 2204 -- Cerf -- Lire la Bible 2204 -- Cerf -- Pour lire 2204 -- Cerf -- Sources chretiennes

  when the user clic on ... on 225a line, the popup shows the list of collections from the selected editor
  if the biblio has no isbn, then the search if done on editor only
  If the biblio ha an isbn, the search is done on isbn and editor. It's faster.


plugin_parameters : other parameters added when the plugin is called by the dopop function