image.pl - Script for retrieving and formatting local cover images for display


<img src="image.pl?imagenumber=X" /> <img src="image.pl?biblionumber=X" /> <img src="image.pl?imagenumber=X&thumbnail=1" /> <img src="image.pl?biblionumber=X&thumbnail=1" />


This script, when called from within HTML and passed a valid imagenumber or biblionumber, will retrieve the image data associated with that biblionumber if one exists, format it in proper HTML format and pass it back to be displayed. If the parameter thumbnail has been provided, a thumbnail will be returned rather than the full-size image. When a biblionumber is provided rather than an imagenumber, a random image is selected.


Chris Nighswonger cnighswonger <at> foundations <dot> edu

modified for local cover images by Koustubha Kale kmkale <at> anantcorp <dot> com