Koha::Patron::HouseboundVisits - Koha Patron HouseboundVisits Object class


HouseboundVisits class used primarily by members/housebound.pl.


Standard Koha::Objects definitions, and additional methods.


Class Methods


   my @houseboundVisits = Koha::HouseboundVisits->special_search($params, $attributes);

Perform a search for housebound visits. This method overrides standard search to prefetch deliverers and choosers as we always need them anyway.

If $attributes contains a prefetch entry, we defer to it, otherwise we add the prefetch attribute and also augment $params with explicit 'me.' prefixes.

This is intended to make search behave as most people would expect it to behave.

Should the user want to do complicated searches involving joins, without specifying their own prefetch, the naive 'me.' augmentation will break in hilarious ways. In this case the user should supply their own prefetch clause.



Alex Sassmannshausen <alex.sassmannshausen@ptfs-europe.com>