Koha::Email - A wrapper around Email::Stuffer


Class methods


    my $email = Koha::Email->create(
          [ text_body   => $text_message,
            html_body   => $html_message,
            body_params => $body_params ]
            from        => $from,
            to          => $to,
            cc          => $cc,
            bcc         => $bcc,
            reply_to    => $reply_to,
            sender      => $sender,
            subject     => $subject,

This method creates a new Email::Stuffer object taking Koha specific configurations into account.

The encoding defaults to utf-8. It can be set as part of the body_params hashref. See Email::Stuffer and Email::MIME for more details on the available options.

Parameters: - from defaults to the value of the KohaAdminEmailAddress system preference - The SendAllEmailsTo system preference overloads the to, cc and bcc parameters - reply_to defaults to the value of the ReplytoDefault system preference - sender defaults to the value of the ReturnpathDefault system preference

Both text_body and html_body can be set later. body_params will be passed if present to the constructor.