Koha::Authority - Koha Authority Object class


Instance Methods


    $count = $self->get_usage_count;

    Returns the number of linked biblio records.


    my @biblios = $self->linked_biblionumbers({
        [ max_results => $max ], [ offset => $offset ],

    Returns an array of biblionumbers.


    Some authority types control the indicators of some corresponding
    biblio fields (especially in MARC21).
    For example, if you have a PERSO_NAME authority (report tag 100), the
    first indicator of biblio field 600 directly comes from the authority,
    and the second indicator depends on thesaurus settings in the authority
    record. Use this method to obtain such controlled values. In this example
    you should pass 600 in the biblio_tag parameter.

    my $result = $self->controlled_indicators({
        record => $auth_marc, biblio_tag => $bib_tag
    my $ind1 = $result->{ind1};
    my $ind2 = $result->{ind2};
    my $subfield_2 = $result->{sub2}; # Optional subfield 2 when ind==7

    If an indicator is not controlled, the result hash does not contain a key
    for its value. (Same for the sub2 key for an optional subfield $2.)

    Note: The record parameter is a temporary bypass in order to prevent
    needless conversion of $self->marcxml.

Class Methods