C4::SocialData - Koha functions for dealing with social datas For now used by babeltheque, a french company providing, for books, comments, upload of videos, scoring (star)... the social_data table could be used and improved by other provides.


use C4::SocialData;


The functions in this module deal with social datas



Get social data from a biblio

params: $isbn = isbn of the biblio (it must be the same in your database, isbn given to babelio)

returns: this function returns an hashref with keys

  isbn = isbn
  num_critics = number of critics
  num_critics_pro = number of profesionnal critics
  num_quotations = number of quotations
  num_videos = number of videos
  score_avg = average score
  num_scores = number of score


Update Social data

params: $url = url containing csv file with data

data separator : ; (semicolon) data order : isbn ; active ; critics number , critics pro number ; quotations number ; videos number ; average score ; scores number


Get social data report